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Fashion is to a fashionista as saris are to a Sarista

How Does Renting A Saree Work?


Renting a perfect outfit for the night has never been easier! Follow the steps below to rent a saree for a five day period. 

Don't forget to email Your Sarista a picture of your outfit of the day/night for a 5% discount on your next purchase.
What do you need to wear a saree?
1) The Saree (obviously!) 
2) The Saree blouse (short top to be worn with saree)
3) Petticoat/Underskirt (don't drape with tights or else you won't be able to pee!)
What's included in the rental price?
a) The saree
b) Petticoat/underskirt can be borrowed free of cost upon request
What's NOT included in the rental price?
a) The Saree blouse
Need a blouse? Your Sarista has got your bases covered! Choose from our collection of Ready Made Blouses which can be purchased (not rented). You will receive $10 OFF purchase of any saree blouse along with the rental of a saree
How do you receive/return your rental saree?
A) Have it shipped to you for an additional $10. Shipping is not FREE on rentals, and customer will be responsible for shipping it back after the 5 day rental period.
B) Pick up/Drop off from our representatives situated in Brampton/Vaughan/Downtown
Is there a deposit to be paid?
Yes! Once we confirm that your requested saree is available for your dates, we will update you via email the amount of deposit required for your saree. Deposit is fullly refundable upon return of saree and can be paid online/EMT/cash in person during pick up. 
Got all your questions covered? Here are the steps to rent a saree with us!
Step 1: Browse our collections to choose a saree you want to rent.
Step 2: Submit the online request form to see if your rental dates are available and receive a response from Your Sarista within 24 hours.
Step 3: Once you've received an email from Your Sarista confirming the availability of the saree, add the rental saree to cart and proceed to check out. Remember, by paying you agree to the terms and conditions of renting a saree.
Step 4 (Optional): Need a blouse? Your Sarista has got your bases covered! Choose from our collection of ready made blouses which can be purchased (not rented). 
Step 5: Have fun wearing the saree, take pictures and enjoy! Oh yea and remember to return the saree :P

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