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Fashion is to a fashionista as saris are to a Sarista

First time being a Sarista?

For all our Saristas that have never worn a South Asian/Indian outfit before, here are some important facts you need to know in preparation for that next event!

There are three types of attire that are primarily worn to an Indian/South Indian wedding, reception or any other cultural event.

1) The most popular of them all - a SAREE! Sarees are 9 yards of beautiful fabric draped around your body. They come in a variety of colours, designs, and of course material. A saree, considered the more traditional of outfits, can be worn for all occasions and is one of the most commonly worn South Asian/Indian wear. 

A saree is one size fits all, so you never have to worry about sizing and measurements - all you have to do is drape it to fit your body. The only part of a saree that requires tailoring is the blouse. Purchase of a saree usually comes with the un-stitched blouse piece attached to the saree itself, which will require tailoring. Several women creatively opt to wear a crop top to replace the blouse for an edgy Bollywood Western fusion look. Alternatively, Your Sarista also offers Ready-Made blouses that can be purchased if getting the blouse tailored is too much trouble. The last piece of the puzzle is the petticoat (or underskirt) which is worn under the saree. Make sure this petticoat is tied tightly so that when you tuck your saree in it as you drape it around yourself it stays on tightly for the entire event. 

Renting a Saree - Please note that the rental of sarees from our rental collection does not include a blouse, the rental fee applies to the saree only. Your Sarista offers a 20% discount off the purchase of any Ready-Made blouse with the rental of a saree. Additionally, a petticoat can also be provided with the rental of your saree upon request. 

Draping 9 yards is often difficult for someone who has never worn a saree before. We recommended first time Saristas to watch a YouTube video or get help from a friend. We also offer draping services for $15 -contact yoursarista@gmail.com for further information. 


2) The LEHENGA CHOLI also referred to as simply a lehenga, is a three piece outfit that comes with a skirt, a blouse piece, and a dhupatta (shawl).The dhupatta is a long sheer fabric that  is worn to accessorize the outfit. This outfit is more commonly worn to wedding  receptions, birthday parties and other cultural events. A lehenga choli does not  require a petticoat (underskirt). It can be easily worn without any help, therefore  making it a popular option for several teens, young adults and people who are  new to Indian/South Indian fashion. 

Renting a Lehenga - Please note that our lehenga choli rentals include all three pieces - the skirt, pre-made blouse and dhupatta. The descriptions under each of the rental pieces will outline the blouse size available for the lehengas to ensure a proper fit. Small alterations are allowed to ensure the perfect fit as long as material is not removed. 


3) A SALWAR KAMEEZ also referred to simply as a salwar is a three piece outfit that comprises of a long top, a pair of trousers and a dhupatta. Depending on the style of the salwar kameez, the trousers are tailored to be long and loose fitting or skin tight. The top is always tight around the body. The dhupatta is a sheer fabric that can be used to creatively accessorize the outfit. This outfit is most commonly worn by Pakistani and Punjabi women to a variety of events. 

Renting a Salwar - We do not offer many of these outfits for rental as they require several alterations for size adjustments. Any outfits that are offered, have a specific sizing chart. 

How to drape a saree